Angela Klaverkamp, Executive Director

Ms. Klaverkamp acts as primary administrator of The St. John's Boys' Choir and is responsible for its day-to-day operations. She coordinates staff and volunteers, plans events and tours, serves as a liaison with parents and the community, and performs fundraising activities.

André Heywood, Artistic Director

Mr. Heywood is in his 10th year as artistic director of SJBC. He oversees the artistic program and directs the Concert Choir and Nova Voce. He is currently a doctoral candidate at the University of Toronto.

Joshua Smith, Associate Artistic Director

Mr. Smith is in his first year with SJBC where he directs the Junior Varsity Choir. He is a graduate of St. Cloud State University and a music teacher at Stride Academy in St. Cloud.

Brandon Nordhues, Associate Artistic Director

Brandon Nordhues is in his 8th season with SJBC. He directs the Training Choir and assists with Nova Voce. He previously served as director of the Junior Varsity Choir and was Interim Artistic Director for two years.

Sean Jacobson, Collaborative Pianist

Mr. Jacobson is in his fourth season as collaborative pianist with SJBC. an active pianist and trumpeter, and an elementary band teacher in the St. Cloud area.

Bailey Walter, Wardrobe Professional

Ms. Walter is in her first season with SJBC as the wardrobe professional. She is a graduate of Saint John's School of Theology and also serves as director of Human Resources for the Diocese of St. Cloud.

Student Staff

Students from the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University gain valuable experience working with and teaching choirboys through college employment programs. In addition to office work, they teach theory, piano, voice lessons, and assist with music rehearsals and sectionals.

Board of Directors

In 1993, The St. John's Boys' Choir became self-incorporated and established an active board of directors. Since that time, they have helped the choir establish sound financial practices and have helped plan long range goals for this organization. Their continued support and active involvement helps take the St. John's Boys' Choir forward to a whole new level.